Shri Lete Hanuman Ji

Shri Lete Hanuman Ji (Bade Hanuman Ji, Bandhwa) lete-hanuman-jiMandir is located near Triveni Sangam beside Allahabad fort. It is one of the ancient temple in India which have great sacred beliefs for Lord Hanuman. It is the only temple with idol of Hanuman Ji in sleeping position. This idol has legs towards south and head towards north. The temple is been managed by Baghambari Gaddi. Temple is crowded with devotees specially on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. Though people visit the temple on other days as well. Shri lete Hanuman ji fulfil all the wishes and is been offered Nishan (Flag hoisted in bamboo).

Hanuman is the messenger of Ram and is as swift as the wind. He is considered to be the repository of incomparable strength, Knowledge and one who liberates a person from dangers (Sankat). The idol in the Temple is in the supine position or veer-mudra. The story of how this came into being is exciting. It is said that a wealthy but childless businessman from Kannauj, made an idol of Hanuman from stones found in the Vindhyachal hills. He decided to bathe the model at several pilgrimage spots or teerth-sthans. When he arrived at Sangam, he had a dream that if the idol is left here, all his wishes would be fulfilled. He did so and returned to Kannauj, and his wife bore him a son. Soon the idol was submerged in the sand. It was discovered by a revered holy man, Mahatma Balagiri. The icon was installed where it was found, and the Temple became famous the fort. Ever since it has been worshipped as Lete (lying down) Hanuman.

History of Shri Lete Hanuman Ji

The temple is been believed approximately 700 years ago. According to the ancient stories it is said that King of Kannauj was taking this idol from Vindhyachal to his kingdom by a boat through river Ganga. On the way he halted at Prayag for Night Stay. At night the boat broke down and the idol drowned in the river. The King got upset and returned to his Home Bare-handed.

Later, after many year’s Shri Balgiri Ji Maharaj found this Idol beneath the sand while digging for his Dhuni (sacred site for worship). He started worshiping this idol. Slowly, this place became popular and people from various places started to visit and worship here.

It is also said during the rule of Mughal Emperor Akbar The Allahabad fort was built while the construction of boundary of the fort. This Temple obstructed the boundary wall. Akbar tried to dig and lift up the Hanuman Ji and place it somewhere else so that boundary could be built straight, but when they tried to lift up Hanuman Ji he settled more in the ground.   After various attempt they gave up and built the wall thwart.

Later during the rule of Aurangzeb when he heard about the temple, he ordered to throw the idol of Hanuman Ji. This was the time when Hindu temple were demolished in the whole country. Aurangzeb and his soldiers after massive attempts were unable to lift up the idol of Hanuman Ji. As many times they lifted Hanuman Ji settled downwards in the ground. This is the reasons while the idol of Hanuman Ji is 6 to 7 feet beneath the earth.

It is believed by the residents of Prayagraj (Allahabad) and has also been observed that every year during flood when the water level of river Ganga increases it reaches the temple on make Hanuman Ji bath in the holy water. People say Ganga Maiya come and make Hanuman Ji bath and then start decreasing the water level. That mean water levers start decreasing once Hanuman Ji takes bath.

The temple has its own sweet shops and devotional accessories like Rudraksh, Kawacha’s, Yantra etc in its premise currently the Mahant is Narendra Giri Ji Maharaj.

How to reach Shri Lete Hanuman Ji

You can reach Shri Lete Hanuman Ji easily by any means of surface Transport prominently used by people railways, roadways or Airways.

You can take use shared Taxis, Auto’s or Book a Cab (online or offline) to reach Triveni Sangam.

Distance from Important Railway Stations & Airport:

Prayagraj Junction: 7-8 kms approx.
Prayagraj Cheoki: 10 kms approx.
Naini Junction: 8 kms approx.
Prayag Junction: 7-8 kms approx
Prayagraj Sangam: 2.5 Kms approx.

Prayagraj Civil Airport: 17 kms approx.

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