Weight Loss Exercises

Optimum body weight is a sign of fitness and health. As we grow our weight increases. And, to grow healthy the rise in weight must be in proportion to our growth or height. If it doesn’t happen then either we will be counted among the underweight or overweight.

Exercises play a crucial role in acquiring or maintaining a healthy weight. Exercises must be a part of our daily-routine else we will not understand the meaning of health. And, when it involves getting into shape by losing excess body fat, there is no substitute for exercises.

There are a variety of exercises and practices to reduce weight. Don’t worry! You do not have to determine which of them is good for you. We have shortlisted the effective ones and listed below for you.

1. Walking

Whenever we are walking we are exercising. It means walking not only helps us move or travel but in itself, it is a perfect exercise. It is often practiced anytime without having any tool. We also don’t need any special place and gym or club membership. You will walk on lawn, garden, stadium and at sea beaches, results are going to be an equivalent.

It is a simple exercise that will be practiced by any age-group without getting injured. According to experts, a 45-minute walk burns 220-350 calories. And, if you want quick results, you will increase the pace of walking. The faster you walk the more calories you burn.

2. Swimming

Just like walking, swimming is also an easy and smart way to lose extra weight. There are many styles in swimming, you can practice anyone according to your body type and comfort level. You can swim slow, fast, or just celebrate within the water together with your friends or family. In each case, you burn calories and progress towards a fit and healthy body. And, if you cannot wait long, want immediate results then just increase the duration and pace of swimming. This way, you can burn 350-650 calories in an hour. Our body experiences 12 times more resistance in water than in air that helps burn more calories.

3. Cycling

Cycling may be a memorable part of everyone’s childhood. It seems to be the only vehicle that in itself is a great work out tool. You will be surprised to understand that through cycling one can burn 400-1000 calories in an hour. It also tones your leg muscles and is quite easy on joints. Include it in your daily routine like if your office may be a few kilometers from your residence then rather than the other vehicle you want to prefer cycle to reach in office. You also don’t need any trainer or specific track for cycling. Just don’t miss cycling even a single day for better results.

4. Running

Runners are always fit and healthy as running may be a part of their life. As long as you are engaged in running you stay in shape. It is a high-impact exercise that burns more calories in less time. You will easily burn around 700 calories in an hour.

Also, running has been a part of our childhood, we all know the way to run, and do not need any skills or training for this excellent work out option. Running keeps your metabolism high even after you are done with it. So not only while running but even after running while you are resting, calories are burning.

5. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may be a fun-filled physical activity. You want to have practiced or tried it in your life. It is counted among the most popular and effective weight loss exercises. It is also an intense physical activity. An hour of skipping can burn around 800 calories. So you will burn significant calories even in short duration, 20-30 minutes, by rope jumping. If you are new to skipping then start with 5-10 minutes of rope jumping. And, slowly increase the duration if want to reduce weight fast.

6. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise may be a rhythmic physical activity which is a perfect way to burn more calories than one consumes. It is an intense workout option that increases the heart rate as well as the supply of oxygen and blood to different body parts. Through aerobic exercises, one can burn 300-500 calories in an hour. And, if you are trying to find greater weight loss in less time, you will increase its intensity and duration. It can be practiced at home, club or gym. If you are a beginner, you will easily get an aerobic DVD from the market.

7. Weight Training

Weight training may be a smart way to reduce weight along with building muscles. It not only increases your metabolism but also keeps it increased for the next 48 hours. Means, you are burning calories even while lying on the bed or watching television. The newly developed muscles keep burning calories stored within the fat. Therefore the more muscles you build the faster you can burn the fat to reduce weight fast.

8. Body Squats

Body squats are part of our daily routine. Whenever, we bow down to pick up something from the floor, or sit on and get off from the chair, we are simply doing the squats. And, when it comes to weigh-loss squats are really effective. Like other strength training, squat not only burns calories but also increases muscle mass, in lower body areas. The more muscles we have, the faster will be the metabolism and more calories will be burned. Experts say that with body squats one can lose up to 5 kgs in a month. You can start with 2 sets of 20 repetitions and slowly can increase the number to lose weight fast.

9. Jumping Jacks

Everyone must be aware of this exercise as it may be memorable childhood activity. It is easy to perform, requires no special tool or technique, and maybe practiced anywhere. It improves blood supply to different muscle groups that improve metabolism. An active metabolism burns more calories even after the workout. Its popularity as a weight-loss exercise is increasing day by day. With a 30-minute Jumping Jack workout, one can burn 150-200 calories. Its intensity and duration can be increased for fast weight loss.

10. Plank

Planks are very effective to reduce weight, especially by reducing belly fat. There are many types of plank exercises like the front plank, side plank, and crawling plank. In each type, you are supposed to hold the position for around 30-minutes. You don’t need any prop for this and it can be easily performed at home. It stretches and strengthens the abdominal muscles that improve metabolism. The increased abdominal muscles’ mass and metabolism burn fat at a better rate. One can burn around 100 calories by plank workout in 30 minutes. For fast weight loss side plank and crawling a plank is suggested.

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