Allahabad Fort

Allahabad Fort – or The lllahabas (“blessed by God”) fort, as it was then known, was built in 1583 by the Mughal Emperor “Akbar” and was home to one of his greatest military garrisons. Abul Fazl in his Akbarnama explains that the fort grew out of [Akbar’s] desire to found a great city in the town of Piyag [Prayag] where the rivers Ganges and Jamuna merge. The fort occupies an excellent vantage point even today, where it not only overlooks the Sangam but also allows visitors to look down upon the modern city of Prayagraj. The fort houses a 10 meter high Ashoka Pillar, dating to the 3rd Century BCE, and believed to have been moved to the premises from the ancient town of Kosam (now Kaushambi). The complex also boasts of three other unconventional attractions, the underground Patalpuri Temple, the Akshaya Vat, or the immortal banyan tree and the Saraswati Koop, which is widely revered as being the source of the mythical river Saraswati.

How to Reach Allahabad Fort:

You can reach Allahabad Fort easily by any means of surface Transport prominently used by people railways, roadways or Airways.

You can take use shared Taxis, Auto’s or Book a Cab (online or offline) to reach Triveni Sangam.

Distance from Important Railway Stations & Airport:

Prayagraj Junction: 7-8 kms approx.
Prayagraj Cheoki: 10 kms approx.
Naini Junction: 8 kms approx.
Prayag Junction: 7-8 kms approx
Prayagraj Sangam: 2.5 Kms approx.

Prayagraj Civil Airport: 17 kms approx.

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